On this page you can listen to one minute demo’s of my music and/or buy the albums.

The downloads are all high quality .wav files so you get the best quality for all your purposes, including videos.

Yes, some of my music is also on the digital platforms. However, if you like my music and use it in your classes, please buy the album via my website. I work meticulously on my music to let the calmness, soft rhythms, melodies and overall production get straight into the heart of the listener.

The royalty-free albums are completely free for you to use. You also get a certificate as proof you bought my music. You can use my music for your online yoga videos, Zoom sessions, YouTube, Facebook, Insight Timer, Podcasts, massage, sauna, etc. Please credit me in your videos or live Zoom and Facebook sessions.

If you downloaded my music, please don’t share the .wav files. I put so much effort and my whole heart into creating this music.

If you use my music for your videos, please send me a link so I can see where and how my music is being used. Of course it’s not required. I’m just curious where my music is going. Please, credit me in your videos and/or sessions and if you like copy a link to my website and/or newsletter (also not required).

You can pay via PayPal.

Price €39,99, €49,99,- and €59,99,- (including royalty-free certificate)

An album to just listen and enjoy good music, or use for your yoga classes.

Price: € 9,99 

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