If you like me to compose a tune for your podcasts or videos, you are welcome. Just send me an email and we can discuss the pricing.

NEWNEWNEWNEWNEW!!! I produced a meditation/yoga sample library for musicians so that they can create there own meditation and yoga music in an instance. This library contains more then 530 samples of pads, drones, flutes, guitars and percussion (5.96 GB wav files) and is named Sounds from Haumea. Available on my website and on Loot Audio. I also signed a contract with Zero-G to develope sample libraries exclusivily for them because they where very impressed about the sound quality of Sounds from Haumea.

My new Yin yoga album The Theory of Silence will be released October 15th 2021!!!

Great news!! Together with the beautiful Jane Winther I recorded a new single. It’s called Om Mani…Magic Version. Release date Sept. 3th 2021

Stevin McNamara and I recorded a single ‘The Road to Peace’. If you like take a listen on Spotify, iTunes etcetera.

I released 3 new ‘budget albums’ (aprox. 28 minutes each). If you’re new to creating videos and you have a low bugdet this may be a solution for you. Standard price is €20,-

Right now I’m in the middle of mixing and mastering my upcoming album The Theory of Silence. This album is extremely suitable for yin yoga, meditation and sleeping. The album contains more then 40 tracks. Release date will be October/November.

3 new yin/meditation albums that are only available on my website: Mouna, Darana and The Swan.