Sounds from Haumea by Fred Westra Music Productions


Sounds from Haumea feature beautiful, peaceful, inspiring sounds that will allow you to create music for meditation, relaxation, massage, ambient, yoga, Zen and chill. It’s a must have for any musician who needs inspiring sounds to create calm and tranquil music.

This 5.96GB library contains lush, moving pads and drones, phrases with bansuri flute, guitar, mini handpan and sitar-tambura. We also added frame-drum loops and percussion effects from instruments like chimes, gongs and shakers. Most pads, drones and chords are presented in a variety of keys (C-B-A-F-G-E-D). All live instruments were recorded with Neumann km184 (pair) and AKG C414 (pair) high quality studio microphones.

This 5.96GB unzipped library contains more than 530 high quality wav samples.

The two demos are exclusively created with the Sounds from Haumea library.


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