"Music to heal, connect and feel"

Welcome to my website

Here you can find all information about my yoga and spiritual music suitable for all forms of yoga, relaxation, meditation, Reiki and massage.

Newest Release


Daivavani is my latest release. 25 tracks (2 hours and 19 minutes) of heart opening yoga and meditation music.

Listen to “Daivavani”

What other’s say

“Fred’s music is the perfect complement to my online yoga classes. Providing a calming, tranquil environment my students crave”.

Ashley Bradshaw (YouTube yoga teacher Awakened Actions)

“Fred’s music flows with calming freedom and serenity. So perfect for yoga!”

Lisa Westlake (yoga teacher)

“Fred’s music is a sensitive, groovy, heartfelt, inspiring, melodic and rhythmic ride”

David Lurey (yoga teacher)

“I love to use Fred’s music in my classes. His sound has the quality to get you in a state of meditation and invites you to explore deeper layers of awareness”

Maija Klamer (yoga teacher)

“I love working with Fred. Together we are creating a mantra album and he has the gift of getting the best out of me combined with his musical talent”

Myrna van Kemenade ( founder/owner Yogadreams)

“Fred’s beautiful music is very calming and complements perfect to my yoga classes”

Milou Turpijn (yoga teacher)

“Fred’s music is very soothing and I love it for personal use as well as for my yoga and meditation classes”

Laura Baumann (yoga teacher)

“Fred creates music that supports healing from within”

Mirjam Wagner (yoga teacher)

“Music to feel, connect and heal”

Jane Kuismin (yoga teacher)

“Fred’s music is the perfect soundtrack for yoga and peaceful movement. It is inspiring, soothing, peaceful and calm all at once”

Sara Georges (yoga teacher)

“I love teaching my yoga classes with Fred’s music. It compliments and uplifts the whole process”

Dorinda Farfer (founder Yogasite Breda)

“Fred is considered one of the best producers of yoga music. Working with Fred feels like a miracle. Besides producing, Fred is also a great composer and musician”

Kees van Boxtel (Indian-bansuri master)

“Fred’s music is very calming, pure, inspiring, tasteful, musical and very supportive for yoga and meditation”

Carolina Wagner (Integral yoga the Netherlands)